Cathleen Anthony

A born and raised Marylander, Cathleen was immersed in a passion for the Chesapeake Bay watershed at a young age. As a kid this manifested itself in Girl Scout projects, fossil hunting on the shore, and a propensity for trying to catch whatever bug was in the vicinity.

Fueled by those experiences, Cathleen pursued environmental science and management in her higher education. From forest ranger school in the Adirondacks, to economic development with AmeriCorps VISTA in rural Colorado, and even a short expedition to Costa Rica, she’s learned that her strengths and convictions lie in fostering conservation work and recognizing the value of active citizenship.

In a bittersweet decision after a few years as a state park ranger, Cathleen left Maryland and moved to the Lancaster area to specifically help work on the upstream problems of her beloved Chesapeake. As the Alliance’s Pennsylvania Projects Associate, her focus is to coordinate, engage, and support volunteers in the pursuit of a healthier Bay watershed. She applied to the Lancaster Watershed Leadership Academy in the hopes of building her knowledge of local issues and networks, and to be challenged in growing her own leadership skills.

Cathleen’s lifelong goals include riding a zero-g flight, attending San Diego Comic-Con, and publishing at least one book; and she will continue to put too much old bay on all her food regardless of where she calls home.


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Cathleen Anthony

Pennsylvania Projects Associate, Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay