Common Agenda

Our Common Agenda is our path towards clean and clear streams by 2040. 

The Lancaster Clean Water Partners brings together a diverse group of partner organizations – local leaders in business, municipal public service, higher education, conservation planning, and non-profit management – with a shared vision of clean and clear water in Lancaster County by 2040.

The Common Agenda outlines how we’ll get there.

PDF version available here. 

The problem: More than half of Lancaster County’s 1,400 miles of streams are impaired.

Lancaster County streams have the highest amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment in monitored areas of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. With a mixture of rural, suburban, and city landscapes, the source for water pollution is broad – but so is the opportunity for conservation and restoration.


To effectively achieve clean and clear streams in Lancaster County, our shared solution, vision, mission must all be synergistic parts of the process.


Build and sustain a local multi-sector collaboration, supported by a strong backbone organization, to advance a community-led Common Agenda toward a shared result.


Shared Vision

To make Lancaster County’s streams clean and clear by 2040.

Shared Mission

Rapidly accelerate and expand the ability of the partner organizations to restore and sustain healthy Lancaster County waterways.



  • Sustainable restoration of priority streams through regional collaboration and watershed approaches
  • Use of data to consistently track progress, drive decision-making, and foster collaboration
  • Acquisition of realistic, adequate funding for well-coordinated, common sense solutions
  • Scaled use of sustainable, proven and promising practices (BMPs) at adequate levels for rapid success with the Lancaster Countywide Action Plan (CAP)
  • Achieve policy and process changes that facilitate the needs of Lancaster County efforts
  • Deploying an active communication plan to raise awareness that leads to behavioral change



  • Through a backbone organization with strong, local leadership mobilize a collaborative, broad, and diverse partnership
  • Leverage Lancaster County’s role in the Chesapeake Bay watershed to acquire adequate, sustained resources
  • Share monitoring data on a common platform available to partners to prioritize resources and assess BMP effectiveness
  • Implement an effective, equitable communications plan to educate and empower partners and all County residents to take action
  • Focus on development and installation of BMPs with highest ROI and greatest potential for achieving clean and clear water
  • Work directly with state and federal agencies to make adjustments to policies and processes needed for the Lancaster Countywide Action Plan (CAP)
  • Engage the business community to support the Partners by adopting internal policies and providing financial support


Progress Indicators

  • BMPs in place for 7.14 million pounds of nitrogen reduced by 2025
  • BMPs in place for 540,000 pounds of phosphorus reduced by 2025
  • BMPs in place for 222.7 million pounds of sediment reduced by 2025
  • Net reduction of impaired streams to 350 miles by 2030
  • 75% of adult county residents familiar with the issue, supportive, and actively engaged personally

Shared Value to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

We believe equal access to justice and clean water are human rights. Our vision of clean and clear waterways means healthy local streams for all Lancastarians, but particularly those that have historically had unequal access to it.

Read our full DEIJ statement and commitments here.