Andrew Malmgren

As a child, Andrew Malmgren spent a lot of time in the woods behind his parents’ house, just on the edge of the Long Island pine barrens. It inspired a love for the natural world and motivated him to find ways to improve and preserve it. As an environmental professional with nearly a decade of varied experience, Andrew strives to improve the quality of the natural world and create effective workflows in his professional life.

Andrew completed his Master’s from Millersville in Spring 2023 and plans to enroll in a D.P.A. program in Fall 2024. He is working towards a career in water quality protection in the Chesapeake Bay watershed and hopes to develop and implement policies and practices that work with the natural world.

Outside of work, Andrew enjoys growing mushrooms, foraging, and weightlifting. Mushrooms interest him because of their versatile uses in pollution remediation as well as culinary and medicinal applications.

He is looking forward to building connections across Lancaster County through the Watershed Leadership Academy, while also broadening his knowledge of the area beyond the service area of the Lancaster Area Sewer, where he is currently employed in the engineering department.




Andrew Malmgren

Engineering Support Technician, Lancaster Area Sewer Authority