Who We Are

Diverse partners working towards a common agenda

The Lancaster Clean Water Partners is a countywide, collaborative partnership of diverse partner organizations – local leaders in business, municipal public service, higher education, conservation planning, and non-profit management – that come together with a Common Agenda. We’re led by an Executive Committee and a Board of Trustees, with full-time support from staff, and collaboration with many partner organizations across Lancaster.

Since the inception of the Partners in 2018, it has operated as a program of the
Foundation. Due to the growth while advancing the Common Agenda and shared vision
of “Clean and Clear Water by 2040,” the Foundation and the Partners collectively
decided the creation of a subsidiary LLC of the Foundation is a key strategic advantage
to the success of the collaborative clean water initiative.

The Partners thrive because of the immense dedication and collaboration from our partner organizations, and they are at the center of our shared mission:

Rapidly accelerate and expand the ability of the partner organizations to restore and sustain healthy Lancaster County waterways.

Common Agenda

Our Common Agenda outlines how we will achieve clean and clear water in Lancaster County by 2040.

Our Values

Collaboration not duplication

Success comes from elevating partner organizations, not from duplication of efforts and competition.

Operate with a bias towards action

We value on-the-ground work. andresults that create momentum for innovative solutions to community problems.


The Partners was created by community members for community members and our grassroots approach inspires trust in the community.

Clean and clear water for all

Equal access to justice and clean water are human rights. Our collaborative work amplifies the diverse voices in our community.


We tell the truth in a way people can verify and declare our intent. We operate truthfuly with genuine openness and authenticity.

Our Partner Organizations

Federal & State Partners

County Partners

Nonprofit and Academic Partners

Foundation Partners

Private Sector Partners

Local Watershed Partners

Partners & Resource Inventory Map

Collective Action for Clean Water: A Partners & Resources Inventory, Analysis, and Recommended Integrated Funding Delivery Strategy for Lancaster County


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