Who We Are

Lancaster County is a mix of urban and rural areas, representing a vibrant, diverse city and some of the region’s most important agricultural land.

The Lancaster Clean Water Partners aims to unite Lancaster’s various perspectives to achieve a shared vision of clean and clear water in Lancaster County by 2040.

The Partners is a countywide, collaborative partnership of diverse partner organizations – local leaders in business, municipal public service, higher education, conservation planning, and non-profit management – that come together with a Common Agenda. We’re led by an Executive Committee and Steering Committee, with full-time support from staff, and collaboration with many partner organizations across Lancaster. 

The Partners thrive because of the immense dedication and collaboration from our partner organizations. They are at the center of our shared mission: Rapidly accelerate and expand the ability of the partner organizations to restore and sustain healthy Lancaster County waterways.

The structure of Lancaster Clean Water Partners

Partners Resource and Inventory

Find partners across the county working towards clean water. For grant-specific guidance, contact the Center for Water Quality Excellence.


We’re rooted in building strong, enduring partnerships, and expanding the ability and capacity of those partnerships.

Common Agenda

How do we achieve clean and clear water in Lancaster County by 2040? Our Common Agenda outlines how we’ll get there.

Menu for Success

It takes all of us to restore and conserve our waterways. Use the Menu for Success to engage your organization in the collective effort.


Last updated April 2022

Partners & Resource Inventory Map


We invite any organization, business, agency or institution that embraces our vision, goals, and operating procedures to become a partner organization. Sign up today!

When you become a partner organization, you will receive:

  • Free access to the water quality monitoring data layer within CSDatum
  • Expert communications consultation
  • Promotion on the Partners website with logo and link
  • Various materials for promotion of water quality work and involvement with the Partners
  • Training and facilitation as needed
  • Access to participation in Action Teams, Partner meetings
  • Access to Zoom account
  • Monthly email updates and newsletters
  • New resources being created and updated all the time!

Interested in becoming a partner organization?

Any individual, organization, business, agency or institution that embraces the Lancaster Clean Water Partners vision, goals and operating procedures is invited to become a partner. Partners are not required to pay fees or dues to join. Partners agree to adhere to the Rules of Conduct and Commitments