The majority of Lancaster County’s 1,400 miles of streams are not healthy. Lancaster Clean Water Partners is working to provide clean and clear local waterways by 2040.

The demand for clean water brings many different people to the table. We facilitate this collaborative effort with experts and community members to improve the health of our local streams to make Lancaster a better place to live and work.

The graphic above depicts the 5 pillars of our mission that will help us achieve clean & clear water in our generation!

Clean water by the numbers

Clean waters

Percent of unimpaired Lancaster streams.

Percentage: 50%


Conservation plans

Percent of farms with conservation plans.

Percentage: 50%


Streams buffered

Percent of stream buffered.

Percentage: 40%

Play your part!

Our economic development, agriculture, municipalities, tourism industry, and quality of life are dependant on clean water. To achieve clean and clear water within a generation will require the coordinated efforts of several communities throughout Lancaster County. Click on the images below to find out more!