Equipment sign-out

As a backbone organization, it is our responsibility to provide our partners with the supportive tools needed to more easily move toward our common goal of Clean & Clear Waterways by 2040.

We are excited to announce the use of some additional tools for events and displays.

  • An 8′ x 6.8′ “Know Your Watershed” banner, perfect for display behind tables (picture)
  • A sound system with 2 speakers, 2 stands, 2 microphones and a Harbinger M120 120 amp, 4-channel mixer. (picture

By filling out the reservation form below, you can reserve these tools.

These items are only available for use by our official partners.  If your organization is not an official partner, you can sign up at

  • We ask that you book your equipment a week in advance. The earlier you reserve the sound system or banner, the more likely they will be available.  These are on a first come, first served basis.
  • When you reserve include the amount of time you’ll need to return it.  If you can’t return it the same day, reserve the time you’ll need the next day. 
  • Please return the equipment, in the same condition you received it. Borrowed items should be returned to the Clean Water Partners Suite, room 218 on the second floor of the Farm & Home Center.
  • If you do not return borrowed items within four hours of your reservation, you will be charged the full retail cost to replace them.
  • If your schedule changes or you not longer need  to borrow the items, please contact Kenn at

Farm & Home Center1383 Arcadia Road, Lancaster, PA 17601 (Building open 7:30 am – 4:30 pm)


  • Instructions for sound system
  • Auto-reminder a day prior to borrowing

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