Become a partner organization with the Lancaster Clean Water Partners!

The Lancaster Clean Water Partners brings together a diverse group of partner organizations – local leaders in business, municipal public service, higher education, conservation planning, and non-profit management – with a shared vision of clean and clear water in Lancaster County by 2040.

We invite any organization, business, agency or institution that embraces our vision, goals, and operating procedures to become a partner organization.

When you become a partner organization, you will receive the following:

– Access to the water quality monitoring data layer within CSDatum
– Expert communications consultation
– Promotion on the Partners website with logo and link
– Various materials for promotion of water quality work and involvement with the Partners
– Training and facilitation as needed
– Invitation to participation in Action Teams, Partner meetings
– Monthly email updates and newsletters
– New resources being created and updated all the time!

*Partners are not required to pay fees or dues to join. Partners agree to adhere to the Rules of Conduct and Commitments.

Partner Sign-up

Preferred Method of Contact
Action Teams - We welcome members of your organization to join an Action Team. (Skip if you are already on an Action Team.)
What partner benefits would assist you the most?
Have you spoken with a staff member at Lancaster Clean Water Partners?
If you answered yes, with whom did you speak?
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Commitments and Rules of Conduct Partner organizations commit to:

  • Participate in a meaningful way such as by participating in an Action Team, attending partner semi-annual meetings, submitting success stories, etc.
  • Be publicly listed as a partner organization
  • Share information disseminated by the Partners with their respective members or peers
  • Provide input to the Steering Committee on ways the Partners goals can be attained
  • Collaborate in a constructive manner with other partners and support the consensus-based decision making process that the Partners follow
Rule of Conduct
  • Maintain a focus on our shared vision of clean and clean water in Lancaster County by 2040
  • Advance and practice teamwork
  • Share leadership and ownership, credit, and responsibility
  • Promote mutual respect, trust, and honesty
  • Take the time when making decisions to intentionally include players you may not normally consider
  • Seek to be a Do-Tank driven by our actions, instead of simply a Think-Tank
  • Listen to each other with empathy
  • Think bigger than our own organizations
  • Not allow adverse facts or relationships to stand in the way of good decisions
  • Maintain a sense of humility to combat complacency and arrogance
  • Discuss the frustrations and then adjust our attitudes to find a solution
  • Bring the parking lot conversations to the Partners leadership table
  • Come to the table with solutions, not a list of things that are wrong
  • Have fun leading the way for clean water!
I have read and agree to the Commitments and Rules of Conduct listed above.(Required)

Action Steps

Remember to follow the Lancaster Clean Water Partners on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube channels (links below) from your organization’s account! If your organization doesn’t have an account, consider following from your personal account. If we aren’t already, we’ll start following your organization’s page after we receive this sign-up form.

Explore our Google Drive folder ( which includes items such as promotional materials, branding guidance, a press release template, and login instructions for CSDatum. We suggest downloading the materials you will use often. Remember: new items are being developed all the time and we encourage input on what to create next.


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If you share our vision of clean and clear water in Lancaster County by 2040, we want to hear from you!