Lancaster Watershed Leadership Academy

Nominations and applications are open for the 2025 consortium.  The twelve-month program is jam-packed with watershed content, field investigations, professional leadership content, and an overnight retreat on the Chesapeake Bay.  

2023 Year-in-Review

2023 was a year of growth and change for the Lancaster Clean Water Partners. It was also a year of tremendous success for our partner organizations working towards our shared goal of Clean and Clear waterways by 2040!

Clean and clear local water by 2040

The majority of Lancaster County’s 1,400 miles of streams are not healthy. Lancaster Clean Water Partners is bringing partner organizations together with a shared vision to ensure clean and clear local water by 2040.

The demand for clean water brings many different people to the table. We facilitate this collaborative effort with experts and community members to improve the health of our local streams to make Lancaster a better place to live and work.

Clean water by the numbers

  • Unimpaired Lancaster streams 50% 50%
  • Farms with conservation plans 50% 50%
  • Streams buffered 40% 40%

Pillars of Work

Mobilize Collaborative Partnerships

Aligning sectors around one common goal through shared measurements, continuous communication, and coordinated action results in collaborative, broad, and diverse partnerships.

Deploy a countywide strategy for clean water

The Partners brings together organizations with a shared vision. We will see broader water quality improvements through decreased competition and duplication of efforts.

Acquire adequate, sustained funding

Leveraging Lancaster’s role in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, the Partners works to acquire adequate, sustained funding sources for well-coordinated, common sense solutions to water quality issues.

Share countywide progress

The Partners develops and shares countywide success stories to show progress. Successes are underlined with qualitative and quantitative data to consistently track progress, drive decision-making, and foster collaboration.

Shared Vision

Partner Organizations

Action Teams

Miles of streams

The Lancaster Clean Water Partners’ mission is to rapidly accelerate and expand the ability of partner organizations to restore and sustain Lancaster’s waterways.


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