Agriculture Action Team Meeting

Agriculture Action Team Meeting
June 10, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Farm and Home Center
1383 Arcadia Rd
Lancaster, PA 17601
Allyson Gibson

One of the main goals for the local WIP is to start writing and implementing 2400 new conservation plans on farms.  Lancaster is in a great situation where many partners are doing farmer peer-to-peer outreach, which is creating and feeding the momentum to accomplish this goal.

The Agriculture Action Team would like to pull together all of the partners who are doing the same kind of farmer peer-to-peer outreach across the county and coordinate the resources and strategies.  We collectively have some opportunities for expanding the work coming up in the near future, so we need a strategic approach.


If your work includes this kind of outreach, please contact Allyson Gibson to attend this Action Team meeting.  If you are involved with agriculture work but not specifically this topic, we look forward to having you join us at the next meeting (details TBD)!