Collaborative Watershed Mapping Tool

Welcome to the Collaborative Watershed Mapping Tool

This tool was created for the Lancaster Clean Water Partners by the Chesapeake Conservancy with assistance from the Watershed Action Team. The layers within the Data Viewer provide spatial information and landscape context to support planning efforts of restoration and conservation professionals in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. To protect the privacy of the Lancaster County community, parcel information is only accessible through a password-protected version of this tool. Please attend a future meeting of the Watersheds Action Team to learn more about gaining access to parcel data. Information about the next meeting can be found here

Reminder: Results should be ground-truthed using local knowledge through stakeholder and landowner participation, as the data is not intended to provide site-specific engineering/project design. Chesapeake Conservancy and Lancaster Clean Water Partners do not guarantee the accuracy of suggested practice locations. Local knowledge and planning expertise is required to apply the datasets in an appropriate manner and to ensure restoration projects will result in significant water quality benefits on-the-ground.

Click on the photo below to access the Collaborative Watershed Mapping Tool or use the link here.

Video Tutorial

Watch this tutorial to learn how to navigate the tool and learn what’s new in the tool with Carly Dean from the Chesapeake Conservancy.

Instructional Guide

Read this step by step guide to learn how to navigate the tool and learn what’s new in the tool.

Data Layers

Review the sources and descriptions of each data layer within the tool.