Leadership & Staff

We believe that an organized, collaborative effort is the best way to make a lasting, positive impact on Lancaster county. Lancaster Clean Water Partners seeks  to bring together strong leaders from diverse backgrounds under one common agenda: clean water within our generation.

To achieve this goal, our leadership has identified metrics and committed to open communication, uniting multiple efforts. We will strive to bring groups together and tackle clean water from as many angles as possible. We challenge top leaders to selflessly serve our cause, using tactics voiced by the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

“The most critical factor by far is an influential champion (or small group of champions) who commands the respect necessary to bring CEO-level cross-sector leaders together and keep their active engagement over time. We have consistently seen the importance of dynamic leadership in catalyzing and sustaining collective impact efforts. It requires a very special type of leader, however, one who is passionately focused on solving a problem but willing to let the participants figure out the answers for themselves, rather than promoting his or her particular point of view.” – Stanford Social Innovation Review

Steering Committee

*denotes Executive Committee member