Action Teams

The Action Teams are where local experts and partners come together to address the county’s priorities for clean water.  In an effort to reach our clean water goals, all the teams can use relevant resources like the local strategy in order to operate with a bias towards action.

The Action Teams meetings will be posted on the calendar.  Join one of the teams by contacting the Coordinator today!

Action Teams

Agriculture: Develop and implement strategies for accelerating conservation on farms in Lancaster County to achieve baseline compliance and beyond.

Lead: Gordon Hoover

Schedule: TBD

*Contact us if you’re interested in joining the meetings

Buffers: Implement new and steward existing buffers while documenting progress towards the county’s 6,000 acre goal

Lead: Ryan Davis and Ashley Spotts

Schedule: Third Friday every other month from 10-12pm at the Farm and Home Center

Meeting notes available here.

Data Management: Develop a shared measurement system that has access for multiple sources of data

Lead: Joe Sweeney and Sarah Ryan

Schedule: First Monday of every month from 3-4:30pm at the Farm and Home Center unless otherwise noted

Meeting notes available here.

Communication: Create and deploy consistent messaging to empower all partners to tell the story of clean water using common talking points

Restarting in 2020.  More information coming soon!

Stormwater: Empower municipalities to address stormwater through cost-effective and locally relevant practices

Co-Leads: Joellyn Warren and Kristen Koch

Schedule: First Wednesday of every other month from 2:30-4:30pm, location rotates around the county (starts February 5)

Watersheds: Utilize appropriate datasets  to develop and deploy a prioritization tool for collective work across the county.  The team will develop an inventory of partners, plans, projects, funding, and priority places in the county so implementation can be done strategically using the resources available.

Co-Leads: Matt Royer and Jenna Mitchell

Schedule: First Friday of every other month from 10am-11:30am at the Farm and Home Center (starts February in 2020)

Action Team Co-leads are asked to organize a minimum of quarterly meetings in order to keep the teams’ momentum moving forward.   The Coordinator and Action Team Co-Leads will participate in a bi-monthly check-in to promote full collaboration and advance collective efforts.